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Friday 22 February 2013

Dream Dress: Snuggly Jumper Dresses

I was all set to tell you about brilliant 'wahey it's Spring!' dresses, and then it started snowing. Not real snow, the sort of brilliant snow that makes London look like an Eastenders set at Christmas. But enough snow to shelve my bright yellow frocks. Damn. Instead, here are some snuggly jumper dresses.

Oh love, please put some tights on. You'll catch your death in this weather and you look a bit like you only got half-dressed this morning (the perils of a jumper dress). Still, this nautical striped dress is super sexy and £38 from ASOS.

A yellow knitted dress, brilliant. Oh, it's £225. I hate you sometimes, Orla Keily.

The most colourful dress ever. And it's only £30. Thanks Joy, you wonderful stripy dress people.

Mango are still rocking the knitted dresses. This one is blimmin' lovely. It's a gorgeous cut and just £14.99. I might move into Mango. They wouldn't mind.

A jumper dress (complete with peplum) that you can wear in the evening. Goodness she looks slinky. Even her hair is slinky. This is from Coast at Debenhams and it's in the sale for £95. Take that, snow. I'm ready for you.

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  1. These are great - darn that Orla Keily one is pretty!


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