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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Timbergram Wooden Postcards

This week I've been distracted by far-flung friends and  lost loves. It's all getting a bit nostalgic and I think I need to write some letters and send some cards (not to any lost loves, that would be foolish). I've written about wooden postcards before, but I think Timbergram have cornered a lovely little area of the postal service with their wooden message cards.

The best thing about the cards is that you can get them engraved. I'd totally keep an engraved save the date card (I keep them all anyway, I do love a wedding).

This is what the engraved message looks like. That's pretty. (The handwritten messages obviously looks like your handwriting, scrawly and child-like.)

This crown design has actually sold out, but they've got more being handprinted. No machine printing for this company.

The cards are 4mm birch and for every ten cards Timbergram send, they plant a tree in Africa with the charity Tree Aid.

Prices start at £3.95 for a blank card, but you can get your postcard engraved and posted for an extra £1. Or just £2.50 extra to anywhere else in the world. I'm going to send everyone I know Timbergram cards.


  1. I sent one of these to my hubby for (ssh!) Valentine's Day. It was really lovely when it arrived!

    1. Hooray! What a lovely gift. Pleased they're just as good 'in real life'.


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