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Monday 25 February 2013

Top Ten Chilli Recipes

It is freezing right now. I'm tempted to put my gloves on while I type. The only thing that's going to help me feel better about this cold snap (seriously, spring, what the hell happened?), is to throw as much chilli as possible into my tea tonight. Here are our top ten chilli recipes to warm your bones (of course, you could just drown all of your food in our smoky chilli sauce, that would create the same warming effect that we're going for here).

Braised steak chilli. This slow-cooked steak chilli will really warm your cockles. But if you have a million packets of mince in the freezer (where do they all come from?) then try our slow-cooked chilli or choco chilli con carne. We've got a vegetarian Quorn chilli as well.

Chinese Crispy beef (pictured, looking amazing). We wouldn't forget a gluten free option, this is one of our tastiest recipes.

Chilli bacon biscuits. No, really. They totally work.

Chilli pea prawns. One of those perfect dinners when you've worked late and want something tasty RIGHT NOW.

Chilli and lemongrass margarita. One of the best cocktails there is. A twist on a classic that's actually worthwhile. It's not often we say that.

Coconut chilli greens. There's no need for vegans to miss out of flavour with this spicy side dish.

Roast tomato, chilli and cumin soup. What better way to keep warm than a huge bowl of soup? Try our Thai chicken noodle and tom yam gai as well. They're basically our winter staples.

Chilli and lemon popcorn. Is this sweet? savoury? We're not really sure. We don't really care, it tastes really good.

Chocolate chilli and orange brigadieros. This chilli and chocolate thing really works.

Chicken jalfrezi. This curry is probably 95% chilli. That's a good thing, honest. You could also try our Thai green curry or our rajma kidney bean curry. Actually, just check our our top ten curry recipes, there's loads of spicy stuff to keep you happy and ward off the cold.

Check out more of our top ten recipes!

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