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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Etsy Pick: Upcycled Board Game Jotters

Ah, jolly old upcycling. It's already doing stupendous things for the environment - and growing more popular by the day - but when you add a great big pinch of nostalgia into the mix it becomes bloody brilliant.

UK-based Green Elephant on Etsy has got the right idea. It's run by a lady called Kerry in Coventry, and in her words "All my items come with good karma!" She upcycles board games she finds in charity shops into journals, notepads and planners - just like the Monopoly journal at the top of this post.

Ooh look! A scrabble notebook to match your scrabble rug from last week. And it can be personalised with scrabble letters spelling out a word of your choice on the front. Both this and the monopoly one are £10.

The board games she uses generally can't be sold by the charity shop because they have pieces missing - but Kerry pays for them and puts them to good use. As you can see from this amazing Trivial Pursuit journal (also £10), she also adds a little 'charm' using the playing tokens:

In fact, she actually collects the pieces, cards and other innards of board games, and if she has the spares to finish an incomplete set she donates them so the game can be sold by the charity for a higher profit. What a nice lady.

She even does speciality board games, like this Spiderman Monopoly notepad. This one is £10 like the others - which I don't think is unreasonable - but she does even cheaper ones, like this one made from a favourite board game that I'd completely forgotten about - Shopping List! It's £7:

She even does mini pokemon card notepads for £3.50. The notepaper inside the pads is wastepaper sourced from local businesses, and Kerry can refill the notebook for a small fee when you've used all the paper.

Yet another bonus about these notepads? FREE SHIPPING to the UK! These notepads just keep on giving.


  1. Just ordered one for my scrabble-fiend of a mother for mother's day! Thanks for the tip :) x

  2. My pleasure - they really are lovely so I'm sure your Mum will love it!

  3. hiya, cant get the links on the journals to work. x


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