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Thursday 21 February 2013

Blue and White Delights

You probably noticed this plate design on our Pinterest account. Or the We Love Karou London Willow. Or Anthropologie's dipped toile plates. And not forgetting the Seletti Hybrid plates. The link? They're all clever updates on the classic blue and white china. Dear readers, I think we've found ourselves a trend. There's plenty more where these came from too - the high street seems to be awash with blue and white, ready for mixing and matching as you see fit.

First up, and proving those Scandis like a touch of whimsy too is the new Promenad range from Ikea. Birds! Balloons! Blue! What more could you possibly want? Home delivery possibly? Prices start at just £3 for this side plate but it's available instore only.

Good job M&S can be trusted for our blue and white needs. Their new spring collection includes this homespun take on the look, part of their cross-stitch collection. The range goes far beyond plates and includes everything from pasta bowls to regular bowls (who knows what chaos might ensue if you mixed them up!) and starts at a fiver.

Having established that blue and white looks pretty good on most ceramics, let's move on to these trailing flower canisters which are surely the most poetically named tea, coffee and sugar holders I've ever seen. The design is pretty charming too. They're a certified bargain, available for £11.90 from Sabichi.

Frustratingly, Louise Wilkinson doesn't have her webshop open yet, so you can't order this at the moment. But, when she does, I'll be first in that virtual queue to snap up this trees cup and saucer. It's hand-decorated with the very traditional subject matter of birds and trees, but she's succeeded in giving it a fresh and fashionable look. It certainly wins the cup for being the most covetable and collectable of the bunch.

Aside from the brilliant name, this Can I Have Another Cup? saucer is pretty enough to keep me happy long beyond teatime. It's designed by the people behind the Lost Acorns teapot too, so they clearly know a thing or two about serving refreshments in style. Think of this saucer as your starter. It's £12 from Couverture and the Garbstore.

Running out of shelf-space? Stick them on your wall. Can't be bothered with all that crockery?
There's always this blue porcelain plates wallpaper. It's available for £120 a roll from Catkin Collection. Alternatively, you could lose some time to this photographer who likes to take pictures of kittens in blue and white china (a Domestic Sluttery-esque niche if I ever saw one). Simply smashing.


  1. Oh my! More blue and white plates for my collection. Love the Ikea ones.

  2. I love blue and white plates ... there's something so pretty and elegant about them! Thanks for sharing. Michelle x

  3. There's also a Zelda plate. I need that.


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