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Thursday 7 February 2013

Build This City with Make City

We built this city.
We built this city
We built this city ... oh, go on then...

Except in this case it's card and glue, rather than rock n roll. Less power ballad air pumps and more fiddling around with little flaps. Because the only cities I want to build are Keisuke Saka's Make Cities.

Make Cities are based around five of the world's best cities: London, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and Amsterdam. Buy a city set and you get five different postcards with each card featuring a different icon to cut out and make. I very much approve of these definitions of an icon. As well as a red bus and Tower Bridge, the London set allows you to fashion your own fish and chips, and an accompanying can of beer. Classy.

Each set has its own little quirks: a baguette, some fromage and chocolate chaud? Why, obviously you're in Paris! Here's the before:

And here's the delicious looking after:

That's my kind of crafting. The silliness goes on. The New York set contains yes, a yellow taxi, and, again yes, Brooklyn Bridge. But then also King Kong, obviously:

So naturally Godzilla is terrorising Tokyo:

And, in fact, though it's the only one of the cities I've never been to, I think the Tokyo set is my favourite. As well as Godzilla, you can cut out and make your own vending machines AND some sushi. Oh, I can't resist, here's the sushi:

The Make City sets are pretty much pointless but adorably bonkers. Send them to friends in far off lands or use them to get excited about your own holiday. You can buy them from Creative Gadgets for £4.99 a set, except for the Paris set which is - for whatever reason - £1 less and therefore roughly as cheap as frites. Rock and roll.

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  1. I'm listening to that song right now. Actually, I've listened to it twice this morning.

    Well, four times, really.


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