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Thursday 14 February 2013

Paperman Romance! Paper Airplane Doorstop

Nothing says romance like sending a message and keeping the door open at the same time
Have you seen Disney's Paperman short? It's the short before the (AMAZINGLY awesome) Wreck It Ralph. If not, you really must. In fact, just stop what you're doing and do it now. It'll take you six and a half minutes and it's just the most gorgeous short cartoon about paper aeroplanes helping an implausibly giant-eyed thin man get the attention of an implausibly giant-eyed thin woman that you will see this side of Aladdin.

Once you've seen it, you will completely understand why this paper plane doorstop has given me a raving attack of the gooey eyes - romance, not blepharitis.

It's £9.99 from Play.com, and it's a lovely something different for your door. And who knows - maybe someone will have written you a secret message in it.

 (Or, you know. Left a bit of dust in it.)

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