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Monday 25 February 2013

Sluttery by Post: The Paris Letters

Reading about The Paris Letters on the Etsy blog yesterday made my heart sing. If anything is going to put a massive grin on my face it's a story of following your dreams, heading to Paris and a good ol' hand-written letter.

Janice McLeod packed her belongings in a suitcase and headed off to Paris, where her previously dormant Etsy shop took on a life of its own. She began writing letters and painting pictures of her travels for friends and family and now she writes over 1000 a year. This, rather beautifully, is now her day job.

Each letter is personalised, although sometimes the same letter is sent to many people (the girl is talented, she's not Superwoman). People love the letters so much that they subscribe and get letters every month. I want Paris letters each month!

The Paris Letters are truly beautiful works of art, often painted in coffee shops and written on park benches. It's such a lovely project and if you want a Paris letter, you can pay just £6.73 (and relevant postage if you subscribe). My cockles are well and truly warmed by this. Who wouldn't want a little bit of Paris to arrive in the mail?


  1. Oh, I love this! What a fantastic idea!

  2. These remind me of the illustrations by the very talented Alice Tait...

  3. I received one of these yesterday as a birthday gift from my wonderful boyfriend and it is just gorgeous. We are going to get it framed and hang it on the wall so it can be adored by everyone. Paris is really special to both me and my other half, so this was a real treat and had a little personal touch to boot. Beautiful :) x


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