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Thursday 21 February 2013

Cute or Creepy? Creature Cups

"AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH! There's something attacking me at the bottom of my teacup!"

That, frankly, sounds like a splendid way to start the morning. These Creature Cups are so much fun. A little like the Hidden Animal Tea Party mugs we wrote about a couple of years back, but creepier. I'd love to find a spider in a mug and throw my tea down my dress.

When I saw the shark mug, I instantly told Kat about it. She is our resident shark expert (all websites should have one). Turns out, she's already way ahead of my and got one for Christmas. You should get one as well, it's excellent.

The creepy octopus is amazing. But he's 'on hold' which I think might be Fab talk for 'sold out, you weren't quick enough because you were drooling over London maps and custard this morning'. I'm going to get the lobster mug instead.

Dinosaurs! Oh I'd love a dinosaur at the bottom of a mug. Here's a close up of the triceratops.

He's ace. And clearly very angry that you've drunk all of the coffee.

The mugs are available at Fab, with prices starting at £11.50. Or if you buy one of the sets you'll only pay £15.90 for two and then you can scare your friends with spiders and creatures. Yes, let's do that. Let's not do that with Ribena and cream carpets.


  1. I love these. I got the shark one for Christmas, too! I want the triceratops and the lobster to keep him company.

  2. I got the shark one for Christmas too! It was a gift from the boyfriend

  3. You're so lucky with your sharks.


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