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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Graham and Green Baroque Bookshelves

It's my dreams! My dreams come to life as SHELVES!
What do you get the girl (you) who has everything? Shelves! The answer is ALWAYS shelves. It has to be shelves, because clearly nobody has ever bought anyone shelves as a present.

While I got my perfect bookshelves a while ago, I am one of those annoying people who looks at a perfectly good, empty wall and plots what to fill it with, rather than leaving it well alone. I would very much like to fill my walls with these beautiful baroque shelves from Graham and Green. They extend outwards from the wall so you can just pop them on and start adding your books, or whatever else you like storing. My cat currently likes sleeping on the Joan Aiken first editions I got for my birthday, so I suspect an extending bookshelf would just end up as yet another expensive cat bed.

As with most G&G stuff though, getting these shelves will involve starting a fund. A square shelf is £45 and the rectangular ones are £78. If they're this lovely to stare at on the internet though, just imagine how lovely they will be in real life. Sigh...


  1. Kat. These would look IMMENSE in your living room *enabler face*

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?

      Sadly I've got to drop four large bookshelves-worth of cash at the vet's later when I pick up Ambridge.

    2. Aww. Ambridge is 12,000 times better than shelves anyway.

    3. She so is. Particularly when disguising herself as a bookshelf.

  2. Oh these are lovely and would look great in my bedroom, sadly I might have to wait until I win the lottery before I can afford them...


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