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Friday 15 February 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Do Shop

It's been a while since I've seen a shop as diverse as Do Shop. Sure, they sell lots of cool design stuff, but it's not quite as clear cut as that. Some of their design stuff is £30. Some of it's thousands. It's a bit of a mish-mash (with a damn annoying website to search through), so I've rounded up my favourite pieces.

I do like this Pin City London pinboard. Pin places you'd like to visit, receipts so you can see just how much money you're spending in the local pub, or notes for your family and flatmates so they know where meet you after work (probably the local pub).

This is a Wine Cooler Breather Thingy. Yep, Technical term, that is. We've tried to work out exactly how it works, but the website doesn't say and Google doesn't know. Even Laura V doesn't know and she knows lots about wine. It'll cool, it'll breathe, it'll make your wine drinkable immediately. No idea if it's worth £47 or not. Science and the internet have failed me.

Yeah, as iPhone speakers go, this one is pretty damn cool.

I'd love to see this in a hallway (not mine, it's freezing and there's a bike in the way), but I really like the design. Like a friendly (warm) bus stop bench.

I really, really like this book vase.

Monthly Measure is a nifty little thing. It's a calendar, with the dates written along the wood, and the moveable star has the days of the week on it. Oh, and that piece of wood? Also a ruler. That's clever. Not once, since having a real desk have I needed a ruler, but sometimes I do struggle to remember what day it is.

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