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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Sluttery Fantasy: Spec-tacular Sunglasses Mirror

Look at yourself. Just - look at yourself.
When I first saw this metre-wide Thabto mirror (or spec-tacular sunglasses mirror as the website rather adorably puts it) I gave it two thumbs up. It's a gimmick! And few people love a gimmick more than I do.

 It wouldn't work in my flat for the simple reason that I've run out of walls - ooh, unless I put it at the top of the stares and scared everyone senseless. Hum. A plan, it forms - but in a large room where you can give it the space it needs, I think it's a goer. If you had a period property with that sort of decor, popping in a mirror like this would stop it being rigidly era-appropriate and give it a nice dig in the ribs.

My enjoyment of it rather faltered when I found out it cost £200 (free postage at least). Then again, most actual designer sunglasses cost at least that unless you do some sensible sales shopping. But hey - if you're in the market for a large pair of sunnies to admire your reflection in, you won't do better than these.

Just don't be this guy.


  1. I can't tell if "top of the stares" is deliberate, but I love it.

    1. It so wasn't - I clearly had eye puns running in the background!

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