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Tuesday 12 February 2013

Pancake Day Recipe Roundup

Happy pancake day, everyone! We've shared loads of pancake recipes with you over the last four years. Some sweet, some savoury, all very tasty. Here are our favourites so you can have loads of pancakes for your tea tonight. Actually, we suggest doing savoury, then sweet. One for dinner, one for pudding.

Cheesy leek and mushroom pancake lasagne. This is taking savoury crêpes to  whole new level. And layering those levels with cheese.

Banana pancakes. You can put whatever you like in these. This is the traditional pancake recipe, go nuts. We recommend Hazel's chocolate butter. Or salted caramel sauce.

Mille Crêpes. We still can't get our head around this no-bake crêpe cake, but it's a tower of wonderfulness.

Fluffy blueberry pancakes. They might be the American kind, but we still love 'em. We have some more blueberry pancakes.

Oh, and some more. Look, we bloody well like blueberries, OK?

Crispy Pancakes. Oh yes. We've made the Findus childhood treat gluten free. Horse optional.

Chickpea flour pancakes. Perfect if you happen to have some leftover curry that needs using up (just us?)

Duck and rhubarb pancakes. Does Chinese food count? Look, pancakes are tasty, they totally count. Try these, or our Deep fried been curd pancakes.

Scotch pancakes. We like this recipe. Not least because one of the pancakes in the photo looks like a hippo.

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