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Friday 22 February 2013

Couture for cooks: COOKie Aprons

Have you ever done that thing when you're lusting over a pretty dress on the Anthropologie website and then you realise that pretty dress is actually an exceedingly pretty apron and probably more money than you'd ever spend on an actual dress? COOKie takes that lust (and, sadly, the cost too) and raises it to a whole new level of apron porn.

It's a whole range of aprons, hand-made in Poland to a quality which is better than most of my wardrobe, and more dressy than most of it too. Want to cook in a corset? Take a look at the Lola apron below. Want to flavour in flounces? You need the Carla, shown at the top of the post.

All the aprons are made from raw cotton, which makes the couture effect even more striking - they look like half-made toiles. And just imagine how dramatic the red wine splashes are going to look.

Styles range from the ridiculously extravagant (hello there, Natasha, above), to the beautifully simple - take a look at the Valery for example. You just need to decide on your cooking persona, and pick the apron to match.

And they mean that whatever you choose to be in the living room and the bedroom, you can always be a ballerina in the kitchen.

Prices start at £72.15 and reach £118 for the tutu-delight shown above. You can buy them from Bouf.


  1. How absurdly delightful! I'd go for one but I always forget to put an apron on except on Christmas day.

  2. It would look AMAZING with red wine down it. Also, I'm imagining Boy Housemate wearing it and that's funny.

  3. £120 for an apron ? ...seriously ?

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm new to the concept of sexy aprons, or even aprons. I need to find a way to save up for one or work out how to make one myself.


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