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Thursday 14 February 2013

Dream Dress: The Mango Sale

If you don't fancy spending any money this afternoon, look away now. Go and put the kettle on, come back in half an hour, we'll say no more about it. The rest of you? You get to find out about the glorious dresses in the Mango sale. That little bit of Kate Moss is under fifteen quid. Unfortunately it's not her totally airbrushed thighs. I'll happily take that dress, though.

Slinky slinky slinky. And only £14.99.

I love this knitted dress (that looks better with the sleeves all scrunchy). Also £14.99.

We need some pink! With little shoulder cut out bits. You've guessed it: it's £14.99.

This retro print dress is slightly more expensive (but those shoes are a travesty). It's £19.99. Mango, stop it. You're killing me. Still, at least I'll die in a fabulous outfit.

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