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Friday 8 February 2013

Dream Dress: Swishy Skirts

Swiiiiiiiiiish! I do love a swishy dress and Joy have a whole load of 'em. Laura's already shown you one of their sale numbers today. but right now I'm all about twirling like I'm in a perfume advert. I also love a floral dress that cleverly sits somewhere between winter dress and summer dress. Just add/remove tights depending on the weather. Repeat seventeen times a day.

Oooh, but this geometric print dress is lovely. I've tried this dress on a couple of times and the back doesn't fit me properly (boob issues), but every time I see it I try it on again. Buy it, please. If only to stop me having changing room disappointment every other week.

Now this lady isn't swishing nearly enough, this floral dress definitely has swishing capabilities that she's just not utilising. This dress is in the sale and it's £30 down from £55, so even if you do spill your drink over yourself because of spinning about, you won't mind so much.

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