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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Tall Girl Treat: New Tall Girls Range = WIN!

Wild, WILD hoots of excitement chez moi when the latest Tall Girls catalogue popped through my door - it's really good. My excitement was on a par with the halcyon days of Long Tall Sally's 2011 heyday if not more so.

I've picked out my favourites from the new season, but if you're knocking around London in March, you can nip over to their pop-up shop in Regents Park and try them on for yourself. Their sizing depends on the item, but you can get shoes up to a 12, and clothes go up to a 20 in some areas, though not all.

This fantastic beach girls print dress (£49, 10-18) sums up everything that's right about this collection. The print! When I saw that marvellous print I pretty much burst into tears. Look at that nipped in banded waist! (The fact tall women even have waists is frequently lost on designers)  And the v-neck. And a hem length that is demure without being nun-like, and party-ish without being "Oh my God, this dress is clearly the wrong length for us all.

S-W-O-O-N! I'm a big fan of bibbed tops - until I lost it, I lived in a tuxedo vest from Topshop - and this bibbed tunic is just gorgeous (£34.99, 10-14). It's sold out of size 16 already, so be quick.

These jeans aren't Tall Girls own brand, they're by Dream Jeans (10-20). I'd never heard of them until I tried them on on a whim last year - oh my good grief, they're excellent. While their promise to whittle dress sizes off you came to naught, they did make my lower regions and pins look absolutely outstanding. They are - whispers it - £99. They come in five colours and are due in in six weeks time.

I usually like a lower neckline than this (steady!) but I would make an exception in the case of this butterfly print dress (£49, 10-20) which is absolutely charming. There's also a robin print dress in the same shape.

This eau de nil wrap dress (£49, 10-16, 18 sold out) has the sort of pattern that makes me think of Laura Ashley wallpaper. I know, because I have a charcoal version of a very similar pattern adorning my walls right this minute! This, I love. I'm a huge fan of wrap dresses, the neckline is adjustably low, and the pattern is just seriously gorgeous. It's also got a cute collar and a tie belt - win.

Peacock print maxi, £69, 10-20
Tall Girls were a hit last summer with their non-awful maxi dresses, and they've got some corkers this year as well. These two are my favourites. The peacock pattern is stunning, and again, there's trusty banding around the waist, and I really love the black with the flowers.

Tropical print dress, £69, 10-18
I am so happy right now. Well. I was until I put everything I wanted into my shopping basket and it totted up to £300. Time to whittle down that shortlist, sigh...

Tall Girls pop-up shop: Saturday 16 March, 10am - 6pm, Knapp Gallery, Regents Park College, Inner Circle, Regents Park, NW1 4NS


  1. Huzzah! Lovely things for us lovely tall, larger-than-average-footed ladies. I bought a non-awful maxi dress last year SOLELY as a result of your blog and am now lusting after the peacock pattern one. And a robin-print dress, you say? That's one of life's essential purchases, surely?

    1. Hurray Claire, I'm so glad. Everyone needs a robin! (That peacock dress is ravishing. No - ravissante! Say it in French, it's that sexy)

  2. That black dress with the tropical flowers is gorgeous!

    1. Innit! I got a green version of it last year - MASSIVELY long, and fits like a dream. I never thought I'd actually like a maxi dress.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Kat thank you for looking after all us tall girls.
    I have just ordered a few treats that work perfectly with my retro style purely as a result of reading this and all your previous tall lady posts.


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