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Thursday 21 February 2013

Blue Crow London Maps

No matter how well I think I know London (and I've written more than one book on the subject), there's always something new to discover. There's always a new cocktail bar, there's always a new coffee shop and craft beer pubs are popping up so quickly it's hard to keep track of the good stuff.

Blue Crow have created three gorgeous London maps, showcasing the best bars and cafes in London and they popped some in the post for me to play with. If you know the city well, you might find yourself nodding along, rather than thinking 'I must go here, I've never heard of this place before', but actually it's a nice reminder of locations you've been meaning to visit for a while. I've still never got myself to the Catford Bridge Tavern, or The Florence in Dulwich. Yes, I want to put little ticks by all of the places I've visited.

There are 50 locations on each map, and the really brilliant 'must visit' destinations have a red border around them. It looks excellent, there's no fiddly star rating, you just know that if there are three spots nearby the red one is the one you should head to first.

The cocktail map is definitely my favourite, since the lovely Gin Monkey helped to create it. She knows her cocktail bars, (she's usually propping one up). Want a fabulous map for fabulous adventures? You can buy them for £2.50 each, or get all three London editions for £6.25. There are also map apps (not for the cocktail one just yet, hurry up please we're thirsty for rum), and they're £1.99. And if you're not heading to London any time soon, there are New York and LA apps as well. Come on let's go and be adventurers.


  1. This is a great birthday pressie idea! Thanks!x

  2. That's ridiculously good value!
    And as someone who spent a great night at the Catford Tavern just yesterday I say - go there.

    1. It's the only good thing I've ever heard about Catford.


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