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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Bag Lust: Brit-Stitch

Hair from your mum, smile from your dad, bag from the milkman?

Well, the milkman is an invaluable part of the story behind Brit-Stitch, a brand which seems so unbelievably of the moment: it's a got a great story, sells quality leather goods made in the UK. And, most importantly, the bags are completely lust worthy: cute candy-coloured satchel and shoulder bags.

So what of the milkman? That story is almost as cute as the bags themselves. Back in the 60s, a poor local milkman needed a cash bag. Handily, one of his customers was Peter Jones, a master leather worker who made him a bag. That style has been revived and updated for the twenty-first century and is now the milkman shoulder bag shown above (you can see the original bag alongside Tweet's interview with the company on her blog).

The story is carried through the rest of the brand too - the bag at the top of the post is called the half pint and comes in shades worthy of a milkshake.

Brit-Stitch have also adapted to twenty-first century needs and sell bags suitable for carting around tablets and iPads and, in the case above, a laptop...

... or simply big enough to handle your shopping.

Prices for Brit-Stitch bags aren't cheap - they start at £70 for the half pint bags but I think they are classic enough to last you almost as long as they did the milkman. You can see the full range at The Hut.


  1. Oh god I love that mint bag so much.

  2. Oh dear I need that cobalt blue bag in my life, but how to get it for less than £90?! A-MAZE-ING!

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