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Monday 18 February 2013

Royal Doulton Fableware

I don't usually get excited about Royal Doulton. It brings mack memories of those porcelain lady figurines. They were really strange. And frankly, more than a little bit creepy en masse. But then I spotted the Royal Doulton Fable collection, and I have to say that I'm impressed. And a little surprised.

Turns out that RD can do a brilliant take on the current folklore trend without losing their classic style. A lot of the pieces are sold out on the main website, but with a bit of searching I've found them elsewhere. You can buy the mug and plate sets from Kaleidescope, with prices starting at £20.

This Fable tree platter can be snapped up for £22. It needs  pasta piled high on it.

The garland collection is in the sale over at Kings and Queens - you can pick up pieces for as little as a fiver. Brilliant.

You can buy the Fable mugs individually from John Lewis for £7. This mug is so adorable. It's a really beautiful collection and an unexpected one from a company I've long associated with the Argos catalogue and sitting on the floor in my gran's living room when I was six.


  1. I love those tree plates so much! They will be joining my collection of unmatched but beautiful blue and white plates. Which currently consists of one plate.

    1. An excellent collection can still have just one plate.


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