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Monday 25 February 2013

Origami Animal Notepaper from Lollipop Designs

Everyone had that kid in their class at school who sat in the corner making origami animals out of his revision notes, didn't they? In my case that kid happened to be one of my best friends, (we were a nerdy bunch - we once actually went to an exhibition about rats at our local museum on a bank holiday, AGED SIXTEEN) and I was always jealous of his skills at structuring swans out of my physics homework.

We've not spoken much since we left school, but now I can get back in contact with my very own origami notecard!

These marvellous creations come courtesy of Lollipop designs, and even have a little step-by-step to show you how to make them (especially helpful for hopeless cases like me.)

You can choose from a mouse, fox, cat, or heart design - you just write your message on the reverse, have fun folding it into the origami design, and then pop it in the envelope ready to send. It's £8.75 for 10 notecards and envelopes - that's 87.5p per little moment of joy.


  1. these are amazingly cute and ever so slightly sinister... a winning combination, in my opinion

    1. Haha, yes: "Here, have a cat head to show I am thinking of you." But the thought that goes into making them uncreepifies them, for sure. And their little faces!


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