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Monday 11 February 2013

Darling Lorelei Mac

You're going to have to be quick if you want this lorelei mac from Darling. There aren't many sizes left. Oh, and it's in the sale, Which means that it's reduced from £89 to a bargain-happy... wait for it... £26.70. Yep. Here are some brilliant things that you can't buy for £26.70:
  1. A weekly Travelcard in London (do NOT get me started).
  2. Two champagne cocktails at the lovely Rules in London (but still go, it's very swish).
  3. A Ryanair flight to an airport that looks like a tin can. Oh, wait, you can buy that. As you were.
  4. A Wonder Woman Mrs Potato Head. (I don't care, I'm buying this anyway.)
Basically, £26.70 gets you not very much. Except it'll get you this coat. In one of two colours.

There are more sizes left the navy colourway, but the tan colour is available in large. It's going to be bugger all use to you until it's warm and not rainy. If we all learnt something from watching Breakfast at Tiffany's it was how Hollywood like to screw with the endings of books that a mac is totally useless in the rain while you're looking for a cat. Buy this now, save it for spring and be mega smug with your super sales skills.

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