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Monday 11 February 2013

Top Ten Pudding Recipes

This new bout of London 'snow' is pathetic. Convincing enough for me to wear snow boots with a nice dress (yes, I do look ridiculous, thanks for asking), but it's nowhere near snowy enough for any of the things that make snow fun: snow angels, sledging, snow days, snow men. No, we've got no chance of that. The only other option is to embrace all of the brilliant food that the shit weather brings with it. Starting with pudding. Loads of it. Here are our top ten pudding recipes.

Pear and vanilla crumblepie. Crumblepie is absolutely the best thing about winter. It's so brilliant, it may have been invented by Santa [citation needed].

Baked rice pudding (pictured, looking damn tasty). Is there anything more comforting than baked rice pudding?

Chocolate, hazelnut and raspberry crumble. This is the probably finest crumble you'll ever make.

Treacle sponge. Make it in the microwave, just like your mum used to.

Sussex pond pudding. It's a once-loved classic and we've made it gluten free.

Bread and butter pudding. It's one of the most popular puddings, especially since you can make it with leftovers at the weekend.

Brioche, vanilla and rum pudding. This is the poshest bread and butter pudding ever. (Yeah, I think brioche is posh, what of it?)

Clootie dumpling. This is like a Scottish Christmas pud. And it's gluten free!

Summer pudding. No, now is not the time.

Yorkshire puddings. What do you mean this doesn't count? It's in the name!

Need custard? Then slather your puds with chocolate whisky custard, or a proper homemade custard - just whack in a couple of vanilla pods.

Check out more of our top ten recipes! And don't forget about our Just Desserts club - we want to share your recipes!

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