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Friday 22 February 2013

The Miniature Knit Shop

I've written about The Miniature Knit Shop before - remember Baby Thermador? It's probably the best baby outfit there is:

I totally want to dress up babies as lobsters.

And flamingoes.

And owls.

And parrots!

I'm almost certain all babies would look cuter dressed up as cowboys.

The changing of the guards suddenly has a different meaning.

Baby mermaids!

Shark attack!

These adorable outfits are all handmade with lambswool (super soft on babies, see), which does make them pricey - especially for something that the kid will grow out of by lunchtime. Booties start at £24, whole sets are around £78 (I know, I know, but BABY LOBSTERS!) Even though they're damn expensive, they're fun to look at. If you happen to know a baby you like enough to spend all of your money on, do it in The Miniature Knit Shop.


  1. HEARTBREAK! I thought the shark was for grown ups. I wish I was a baby. Nooo.

    1. I know. I hate that they're only for little people.

  2. This was one of the few shops that made me break my rule - normally I'm firmly on the side of leaving it to the creators in the 'I could do that myself' debate, but I did get a friend to knit the lobster set for my nephew. He looked amazing.


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