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Tuesday 19 February 2013

BE FOR YOU Bracelet Watches

I've got a bit of a thing about multiple bracelets. There's something just a little bit 90s summer holidays about them. Summer holidays that make me think of sneaking into pubs too young and kissing boys who should have known better and the really crap festival in a local pub beer garden where I learnt the lesson of falling head over heels for the most beautiful boy in the town. Ouch.

These bracelet watches remind me a bit of that. They're leather, but they've got a friendship bracelet vibe to them. Because obviously, this was the summer where you vowed to be friends with everyone forever and ever (wait, it's all going a bit Bryan Adams now).

The bracelet watches are by Italian brand BE FOR YOU, and they're all named after things that taste nice - that purple one is blueberry sorbet, there's birthday cake and rocky road.

This is mint choc chip. My least favourite of the bunch, but will no doubt look lovely on the right person.

Each bracelet watch is £44 from Bouf and may just come with a bucket load of memories of friendship bracelets and never-ending summer holidays. Just don't wear one and let the most beautiful boy in the town break your heart. He will snog your friend Zoe a week later.


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