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Thursday 21 February 2013

Sluttery Travels: The Yellow Submarine, Liverpool

This a damn cool hotel boat. It's part of The Yellow Submarine 'chain' in Liverpool. I'm not sure if chain is the right word. Perhaps fleet is better. Because all of the hotels are on boats. They've also each got a theme. Whether it's a Fab Four submarine (based on the sub om The Hunt for Red October), or a barge called 'The Joker', these aren't your usual holiday bolt-holes.

I'm surprised 'wacky' isn't used in the website copy more, but actually, I like them. The Fab Four yellow submarine has Beatles records all over the walls and furniture from all over Europe.

That scooter you can see to the left? That's the scooter from Quadrophenia.

The boats sleep 7-8 (The Titanic boat sleeps 9), for around £165-190 a night at the moment. There are strict instructions that these are 'not party boats' so no snogging the locals and asking them to 'come aboard your submarine'.

Pssst, I don't actually like the Titanic boat, I think it's it's the most boring of the bunch. There's a Pirates of the Caribbean one coming this year (Johnny Depp probably isn't included). I think that boat will look brilliant.

Sure, the themes are a little tacky, but I think the boats are done really well. They're not exactly what I'd suggest for a romantic getaway, but as a weekend break for a bunch of friends, I think they're brilliant.

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