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Monday 25 February 2013

Tree-mendous Trend: Wearable Wood

I am an awfully superstitious person. I ask magpies how they are, I boycott peacock feathers, I shudder at crossed cutlery, and I can't brush my hair after 6pm. My go-to superstition, however, is definitely 'touch wood and whistle'. Mild panic has been known to occur when there's no wood in the vicinity, and I am left helplessly watching my future career down a completely unsuitable path thanks to a laminate floor.

I clearly need a piece of wood with me at all times in case of superstition emergencies. Luckily for me, wearable wood is everywhere right now. I'm in love with these Bosworth sunglasses from Finlay & Co., available in three wood finishes from £105 a pair. Now we just need a bit of sunshine so I can wear them without feeling like a total ponce/wannabe Hollywood movie star.

I'm a sucker for fancy headphones. I wrote about (and bought!) Urbanears' Harris Tweed pair a while ago, so I can't really justify buying these ebony Meze 55 Classics headphones at £99.99 as well. Can I? Should I? Oh, go on then. You've twisted my arm. 

Obviously I searched for an L necklace to use here, but even I have to admit that A is a more interesting letter to look at. These lace laser-engraved pendants are £30 from All Things Original and are a pretty take on the ubiquitous initial charm. 

Much as I love unadorned wood, sometimes you need a little colour injection to stop you looking like an all-out tree. These resin and wood bangles from Oliver Bonas are £14 each, and the one on the right is making my heart sing - mainly because it reminds me of Lego.     

Wooden heels are wonderful. During the summer months, I live in my Lotta From Stockholm clog sandals (a great low-cost alternative to Swedish Hasbeens), clickety-clacking to my heart's content. I'm fancying these Zara sandals to add to my wooden shoe collection. They're £59.99, and so, so shiny. I could stroke that sole all day.  

We've featured WeWood's gorgeous watches before, but here they are with a new style for us to feast our eyes upon and adorn our wrists with. The Metis watch is available in pale or dark wood, and you can get your sticky little mitts on one for £88.99. I'm also super-excited about the launch of Lorenzo Buffa's Analog wooden watch range, and have my fingers tightly crossed that there will be a UK stockist - you'll be the first to know if we get wind of one! 

Excuse me a moment while I wake up from my cute coma. These personalised postcard brooches are just £18 from All Things Original, and you can specify six words to have etched into the wood. Choose carefully, people, and remember to spellcheck!   

This oak bag has been handmade in Istanbul by Haydanhuya, and I want it desperately. Alas, at $235 (£156 at the time of writing), plus $60 (£40) postage, it's going to firmly remain a dream just now. While I raise the necessary funds to buy it, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for wooden bags in French Connection, who seem to share my penchant for timber totes, and usually have new wooden designs each season.

So, which of these pieces wood you wear? (I couldn't help it. Don't groan.)

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  1. Have you seen these, Laura? Loving the wooden trend!


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