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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Fushigi Shop

Fushigi is a Japanese word, pronounced 'Fu-Shee-Gee' and means ;mystery, curiosity or wonder'. That's lovely, isn't it? Fushigiya-san is a pedlar of curious wares and adornments, or 'fandangles'. Let it be known that fandangles is my new favourite word. And Fushigi Shop is my new favourite shop.

Accessories is the main draw for Fushigi Shop. Really good ones. I love this pleated ribbon necklace. It's £22.50.

And it looks just as lovely from the back.

The collars are gorgeous, all made with liberty fabric. But dammit there are only a few designs and I'd love to see some more more. The blue paisley design at the top of the page is my favourite.

Actually, I really like this pink collar as well. I'm not sure if I can carry off so much pink around my face. The collars are made with kimono fabrics and keep their shape even after washing. Which is good, because I spill. Prices start at a very reasonable £18.

This is apparently a make-up brush roll. I have no need for this, I don't remember the last time I did my make up anywhere other than my desk, with the tiny little brush they give you in the eyeshadow. But I love the design, and that transfers to make-up bags and gorgeous jewellery rolls as well.

I do like a little curiosity and Fushigi Shop is full of them, all beautifully designed and waiting for you to snap them up.


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