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Thursday 7 February 2013

Birds on a branch chez Oliver Bonas

Despite the fact the temperature has plummeted faster than my weight when I had flu last week, I am dreaming ever springwards. Shoots are popping up in my front garden, the skies are shining blue every now and then, and soon all will be birds, buds and baby lambs. Not in London, obviously, but elsewhere.

Oliver Bonas has got some great jewellery in at the moment, and I particularly like the ol' birdies.
These silver bird branch earrings (£22) are lovely: really unusual shape, and something elegant and fun.
This bird & branch lariat necklace (£32) loops through the leaves to make the necklace. I think it's absolutely charming. The delicate silver chain stops it looking overly cute (and cheap).

So cute.

These silver swan stud earrings are £6 in the sale - sweet for a discreet bit of jewellery at work. God, remember the 90s when it was a MASSIVE competition at school to have the most interesting studs? At one point we were all wearing two in each ear. And possibly a hoop. Classy, classy girls.

Or, for a very elegant bird, these golden birdcage earrings are £12. I'm a complete sucker for anything laser cut, and these are terrific.

Finally - this gorgeous bird on a branch clock is £29. And if you're half as bored of the affected fake vintage thing as I am, you can tape up the front and give it a good spray paint so it gleams like the gold plastic swan clock in my kitchen. Done!

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  1. I actually just laughed out loud at the reference to hoops & studs.
    Love the necklaces & swan earrings!


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