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Thursday 14 February 2013

Last Minute Lovin': Lovehearts Nail Wraps

If you haven't quite got your Valentine's Day shenanigans together, FEAR NOT. There's still time for plenty of pointless romantic gestures, such as pretty heart-themed accessories to wear on your V-day dates this weekend.

Or maybe you just want to make your nails look like SWEETIES! This of course can (and should) be done on any day of the year.

Basically, ASOS have sneakily chosen this festive day or lurve to finally release Nail Rock's Love Heart nail wraps. You may remember I've expressed my deepest love for them before, but they've gone one step further this time and immortalised my favourite soppy sweets in nail art form.

Much like the confectionary itself, every nail sports a different cutesy message, from 'Date Night' to 'Lucky Girl', and 'Smitten' to 'Sweet Angel'. They also have things like 'Txt me' and 'Kiss', so you could even use them to flirt in the least subtle way possible (or, you know, issue creepy commands.)

These slushy, saccharine beauties are £6.70 from ASOS, and if you need them for the weekend you can pay £5.95 to get them delivered tomorrow if you order by 8pm tonight. I am completely sold.

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