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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sluttery Fantasy: The Shrine Storage Cube

The Shrine Storage Cube is like a box of magic. It's a 'crate-shaped hub' that's full of little rooms and secret hideaways and locked away compartments. The doors are only opened by little brass keys. For goodness sake, please don't lose them all. Then you've just got a posh box.

Designed to fit everything from a bottle of whisky to a turntable, this is a really impressive piece of design. Actually, I think it would make a very cool coffee table. But if you ever got a coffee mug ring on this, I would have to kill you in your sleep.

I never made anything like this in woodwork lessons. I made a picture frame. And it was shit. Designed by Sigurd Larsen, a Danish designer based in Berlin, it's inspired by the 'labyrinth courtyards of Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood'. Is that a strong enough reason for a David Bowie video? 

Yes, yes it is.

I love The Shrine Storage Cube SO MUCH. It's a gorgeous piece of design. It's also a whopping £5354.53 from Aha Life and at least four of those numbers are making me want to cry. Maybe I could hide myself in the box when the bailiffs knocked on the door.


  1. I absolutely love this. It looks so glorious and such fun. Sadly, if I bought one I'd have no money to buy things to put in it. I'd have to live in it.

    1. You could rent out the little cubby holes.

    2. If I could like this comment, I would.

  2. I was very excited until I saw the price, now sad that I can't afford it!! x

  3. It's much cheaper on Sigurd Larsen's own homepage - only € 4,900, roughly £4,300. Quite a bargain, don't you think? I don't know if they'll ship to the UK, though.

  4. My dad is good at making things out of wood. I will see what he can put together :-)

  5. I saw someone doing beautiful wooden puzzle boxes (not of this size, mind) at a craft fair. Unfortunately they don't appear to be online anywhere, but I found this american site that does lots very similar: Bit more achievable, price wise, and still all the fun of hiding tiny things in it!

  6. I found a similar storage cube for my wife’s accessories and jewelries, and right at the middle was a small ballerina dancing (by magnetic strip) when the music is turned on. My wife said that it reminds her of her music jewelry box when she was a kid.


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