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Monday 1 August 2011

Artist Mug

If there's one thing that I don't need more of in Sluttery HQ, it's cups and mugs. We have so many. But I can't stop buying them. Whether it's a little teacup in a charity shop or a tacky seaside souvenir, I can remember where and why I bought each of them.

And now I want this paint drip mug. It was design exclusively for the Tate Modern by Designers Anonymous and it's just £8.95. It's the perfect size for tea drinking (mug size is very important, too big and your tea goes cold, too small and you're losing out on awesome tea goodness) and the design is fun. I'm certain just one more will fit on my mug shelf.


  1. Tell me about it, I hoard mugs like a crazy lady! Love this, great design.

  2. Yet you still have a favourite. Always. And tea doesn't quite taste the same out of any other.


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