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Monday 1 August 2011

Vegan-Friendly Taxidermy

How many other people do you know with a wooden floral deer's head in their room? Make a statement with this cruelty-free stag from the V&A shop. This fine fellow comes in blue, cream or purple, with bigger versions available in rose and paisley (check out the antlers on this chap!).

It comes as an easy to assemble kit, with a pattern taken from 18th and 19th century Italian textiles. If you're passing through the V&A, go and have a look, because these kits really do look incredible in person. This one is £35, and his bigger relatives are £45 in medium and £100 for the large.


  1. There's a good selection of them here too

  2. Good spot, Lazyjane! We love Hus and Hem.


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