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Wednesday 3 August 2011

She died of indecision

Fashion is always more fun if you can construct some sort of story around it. On one level, it's the dress you put on to appear like your confident self, or the glasses you wear when you want to be taken more seriously. On a whole other level, it's the elaborate fictions you can construct around a range of bags. Just me? Start dreaming up your very own melodrama, and throw in the name of the company She Died of Beauty for inspiration.

She Died of Beauty have printed their name, and a host of other dramatic deaths, across a range of t-shirts and tote bags. The bags are £20 each, the T-Shirts are £40 each and the gruesome details of the back stories are up to you. Does this bag illustrate the fate of a beautiful lady, so stunning people were afraid to speak to her? She dies alone, one perfectly formed tear trickling down her perfectly formed cheek.

It's quite hard to pick a favourite design/story. Was this victim smothered to death with kisses? Or did she suffer from an unfortunate allergy, triggered in a tentative first peck?

How about this one? Lured to her death by a cad's elaborate plot? Or simply overcome by the pains of a broken heart?

And finally, did this poor woman suffer a cruel side effect of too much Botox? Or could she have been killed by a jealous rival?

I had so much fun speculating on the stories that could lie behind the bags I was a little disappointed to learn the company was set up by the model Erin O'Connor and her friend, stylist Kate Halfpenny, rather than some long-haired damsel desperately screen-printing away in her lonely garret. My little daydreams died from a healthy dose of reality. Oh well - well done ladies anyway, I really like your bags. 


  1. Death by chocolate for me, please!

  2. I'd rather not Die at all.... Why can't they say She lived for kisses, She lived for Love, She lived in Perfection....! Bit morbid if you ask me....

    Perhaps "She died and went to heaven" might be another one in the series!

  3. Aw, I want 'She died of Indecision' like your thread title! In second place, 'she died of kisses'. I reckon I'd settle for that.

  4. Yep, I'm definitely a 'She died of indecision' (sub-plot: she also died through starving to death after buying too many tote bags).

  5. She died of back pain after buying too many bags and putting things in them and carrying them all at once.

    I think we'll need a bigger bag...


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