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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Where Can I Find White Patterned Shower Curtains?

When we asked you lovely lot over on our Facebook page what kind of things you wanted us to find for you, Sonia Ferrara mentioned white on white patterned shower curtains. I knew I'd seen some around so I've rounded up three of the loveliest. I'm in the market for a new shower curtain myself and I'm finding it hard to pick just one!

First up is this bird and flower print from H&M:

The pattern reaches up the curtain and is a very reasonable £12.99.

Or if flowers and birds aren't your thing, how about a whole tree? Urban Outfitters can help you out there, look:

It's subtle but pretty. Trees sometimes get sidelined too much in favour of flowers. It'll cost you £25.

Maybe you don't want any sort of nature at all. In that case, why not embrace bubbles being one of the best things about bathrooms and have them on your shower curtain?

This one's from Dunelm Mill and will set you back the not so princely sum of £6.99

Decisions, decisions!


  1. Hold the phone, H&M do shower curtains? I thought their homewares range was all hideous tat at first but I'm going to have to reassess that opinion.

  2. Love the second one. H&M are a strange one for me - some nice things, but god I hate shopping in there.

  3. Some of H&M's homewares are hideous but there are some hidden gems. A bit like their clothes really but without the crazy sizing nightmare.

  4. The tree one from Urban Outfitters is already sold out?! But I had just fallen in love with a shower curtain! x

  5. Anon, if you have on nearby, I'd hotfoot it to your nearest UO store! They often have more in the shop than online.


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