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Monday 5 September 2011

Flamingo Tropsticks

Despite living in China after university (teaching English to the kids), and my impressive dim sum addiction, I'm really very bad at using chopsticks. Perhaps they're not made for left-handed people*? My hand cramps up halfway through dinner and I send chai siu buns flying across the table.

I clearly need Tropsticks. Mainly because these Flamingo Tropsticks are the best chops ever (yes, even better than drumstick chopsticks and lightsaber chopsticks). Look at his legs! They're the cutest chopsticks for people who can't use chopsticks.

They're £6.25 from Amazon and I'm smitten with the skinny long legs. Anything that's useful, funny and under a tenner makes me happy. Especially if it means I get more dim sum into my mouth rather than over the floor.

*I don't really think this is true.


  1. I'm lefthanded and use chopsticks with no problem. It sounds like you're gripping them far too tightly.

    (Also, stick one of the sticks into the pau or dumpling, and use the other stick to support it. Makes life a lot easier.)

  2. As the post mentions, I don't really think it's because I'm left handed. It's just something I'm not very good at.

  3. It just takes practice! And don't hold them too tightly.

  4. I recently found these really cool training chopsticks on Amazon. I gave a pair to my friend's little boy as a present (he's left handed too) he found it pretty easy to use, showing off by picking up bake beans off his plate!!


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