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Thursday 5 July 2012

Beach Themed Bakeware

Who doesn't love the beach? There's something for everyone, from building sandcastles and rooting around in rock pools, to bare-foot frisbee and frolicking in the surf. I'm lucky enough to live near some beautiful beaches in Kent and, yes, our closest ones are pebbly, not sandy, but I don't mind... 

I hate sand. In theory, beaches are brilliant. In reality, you spend the day emptying your shoes and your bag of sand; it gets in your picnic and it scratches your sunglasses. Then, a week later, you get your purse out to pay for something and you tip sand all over the counter. If only there was a way to enjoy the beach without finding sand in your unmentionables for days afterwards.
Sandcastles are one of the few things that redeem the sandy beach for me, now I can make them in my kitchen with this bundt pan! This one, by Nordicware, is £29.65 from Colanders Cookware, It's a bit more than I would usually spend on a cake tin, but it's worth it for all that sandcastle-building fun.

Collecting shells would be much better if you could eat them. Get yourself a chocolate mould,  melt your favourite chocolate and you've got a shell collection that's miles better than any you'll find at a sea-side B&B. These are made with a mould from Squires Cookshop and it's £5.40

If rock pools are more your thing, imagine finding a lobster on your adventures. Now, imagine if the lobster was made of biscuit, even better, yes? Even a rainy day when the beach is a no-go, you can have lots of fun making cookies for this little chap. He's £1.85 from Funky Muffin, so  you can buy two and do the Phoebe-from-friends "He's her lobster" moment for yourself. (Just me, then?)


  1. I want lobster cookies and sandcastle cakes!

  2. Brilliant! I've seen the sandcastle tin in Selfridges but always wondered how it would turn out....great to see such amazing results (although I don't have much luck with such things!).

    Would be awesome to make lobster cookies in a lobster colour!


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