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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Dream Dress: Yellow Pleated Maxi Dress

This is a plea to all of you ladies who can wear yellow: please, please buy this dress.

Last week I tried on six yellow dresses, all of varying shades and shapes. I've finally admitted defeat. I can't wear yellow. I'm too blonde and too pale. This means that my current colour crush has to stay on the hanger for other people to buy. I'm never not sad about it.

Especially when it comes to this yellow pleated dress from Oasis. Gosh it's beautiful. Sunshine yellow is a bold choice for a maxi dress, but the pleats soften it up and the shape of the bodice is dreamy.

It's perfect.

In typical 'what the hell are you thinking?' Oasis pricing it's £120, but it's selling very quickly. There are none left in a 6 or 8 and I think the other sizes are going to become sold out very quickly. If you're lucky, it'll end up in the sale in a few weeks, but if you love it then I reckon it's a good investment. It means you're free of wedding outfit dilemmas for the rest of the year. And more importantly it's really, really sexy.


  1. Oh my God it's stunning! I'm not sure I can wear yellow really (red hair and super pale skim probably means no), but I don't care. I have some fabric in this colour I keep promising myself I'll make into a lush dress, but this would be much quicker!

    1. I have no idea if red hair works with yellow, but I hope so! I truly so sad that I can't wear it. Such a vibrant colour, but I'm destined to pick only yellow accessories.

    2. I can't help feeling you'd look very Julianne Moore with red hair and a yellow dress. That's not just a good thing, that's a amazing thing! Do try it!

  2. Ladies, I could never wear yellow when I was blonde, but since converting to a Ranga I totally can and just recently have purchased My First Yellow Frock - win!

    I think the answer is, try it. It will, of course, depend on the shade.

  3. Just got this dress today for €12! Yes twelve euro! Cannot believe my luck. Thank you January sales!


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