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Thursday 5 July 2012

Etsy pick: Lionel Richie tea pot by Mr Tea Cup

Is it a novelty tea pot you're looking for? 

My friend and I have an ongoing joke about Lionel Richie. It stems back to a night when we were out as a duo. She was luckier in love than myself and wanted to get better acquainted with a young gentleman. Naturally concerned about how I'd entertain myself all alone her slightly alcohol influenced answer was to put Richie's All Night Long record on for me. On repeat ... in fact, all night long.


The Lionel Richie joke has lasted longer than that liaison, and I'm almost certain I'll buy her one of these Lionel Richie tea pots (seen on the Betty magazine blog) for her birthday: after all, she likes tea, she loves a good pun and she's obviously a huge Lionel lover.

The design is hand drawn by Joanne Eubank who has an Etsy shop called Mr Teacup. The shop is stuffed full of ceramics suitable for fans of things like Pride and PrejudiceDoctor Who and, er, books and Sir Mix-A-Lot. The tea pot is one of the more expensive things in the site at £40.20, but the mugs are priced at around £20 each.

If you want more things Lionel, you may remember the 'Hello?' flyers that were all over the internet a year ago. I was absolutely delighted to see one in the flesh in Copenhagen last month. It's grotty, it's old, but it still makes me giggle.

You can even print off your own version of the flyer here.

And if you do manage to make a contact with Lionel and get to put your tea pot to good use, I have it on authority Lionel takes his tea without milk. But with a Lionel Rich Tea biscuit on the side, obviously.


  1. Of all the Lionel teapots I've seen, this is by far the prettiest!

  2. Oh my god. I HAVE to have this.
    As a tea drinking, Lionel loving, fierce pun fiend, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!

  3. Mr Teacup's got 20% off at the mo with the code XMASINJULY : )

    1. Excellent tip, thank you! Extra tea for you...


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