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Monday 2 July 2012

Gossimar Wings Ballerina Brooch

Ballet is a strange beast of a thing. Am I allowed to admit that I don't know if I like it? I like the outfits, I really love Degas and The Ballerina Project, I like the OMGHOWDIDYOUDOTHATWITHYOURLEG thing (seriously, how did she do that with her leg?), but unless it's Natalie Portman going batshit crazy, I don't think I understand it a lot of the time. The last time I went to the ballet, actually the only time, I left in the second interval.

I'm also suspicious of anything needing two intervals.

I've actually booked tickets to see Swan Lake next month, figuring that if any show can make me fall in love with the dance, that'll be it. It's handy that I know the story as well, I think that'll help.

This Gossimar Wings wooden ballerina brooch will help as well. It's so adorable and it's all about the dress (be honest, lots of love for ballet is aaaaall about the dresses). She's even been finished off in gold leaf. It's £20 from Brighton POD and it'll inspire me to perfect pirouettes in no time at all. Or at least stay for longer than the second interval.

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  1. I hate second intervals! I have to sit through loads, at the opera mainly, and I often wish they just carried on to save on my precious time!

    Which ballet did you see that you left? I can totally understand that it doesn't work for everyone, but there are so many different styles of 'ballet' and some are bound to suit more than others.

    Love the brooch..... it has that amazing analogue, faded, colour popping thing going on that I adore.

    Hope you enjoy Swan Lake!


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