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Monday 9 July 2012

Return of the Macs: Five jackets for a rainy day

Shops try to sell it to us as 'festival dressing'; I tend to think of it as the only way to survive a soggy British summer. The Domestic Sluttery archives are stuffed full of pretty wellies, umbrellas, even rain bonnets, but when things get this damp, it's time to reach for my most feared wardrobe item: the mac. For me, macs conjure up images of family holidays, when I'd be forced into an ill-fitting number by my mum and would shuffle around feeling overheated and all shades of teenage embarrassment. Thankfully, raincoats are a lot more attractive these days, so I've found five of the finest examples on the Great British high street in honour of the Great British summer.

The Red Herring floral printed mac shown above is so pretty you can almost pretend it's not a mac. Until it rains and you'll be all nice and toasty. Ha! Take that rain! It's only £30 from Debenhams.

Want to look a little bit rock n roll while keeping your mother happy by staying dry? (or is that just me?) How about this Zebra print mac from Topshop. It's see-through, so you also get to show off your pretty clothes underneath. This one is slightly more expensive at £52.

If you're going to splash about in wellies, you may as well go the whole hog and look like a fisherman right? Sadly, my ASOS sou'wester-style number is almost out of stock, so how about this yellow pac-a-poncho, also from Topshop as an alternative? I like the fluro orange details (if you can admire the detailing on a mac), and it's only £20.

The minimalist option is this tapered raincoat from You Must Create. Like all their clothes, it could probably be best described as tasteful. It's in the sale, reduced to £90 from £145. I'd pay full price if it meant my hair could look as good as the models in the rain.

I think I'm going to place my rainy day fund on Louche's Dagmar spotty mac, from Joy. It's got a drawstring waist - so helpful for avoiding the "I've just dressed in bin bag" look. And a good dotty pattern is almost guaranteed to lift the spirits on gloomier days. For £49, this jacket is bound to bring you some sunshine.


  1. I have the Red Herring one and it is SUPER thin. Very thin. But perfect for wet but muggy days. It was an emergency buy in Edinburgh last week.

    Oh and as it is super thin you can roll it up in your handbag and pretend you are all nonchalant about rain and then when it starts BAM you are all dry, which is nice.

    1. Siobhan, that sounds just about right for this perfect weather. There's nothing worse than that feeling when you are trapped inside a hot and sticky mac. Far better to be able to whip it out when absolutely necessary (and a bonus when it manages to look pretty in the process too!).

  2. The title of this post makes me happy. The rain does not.

    AND WHY IS IT STILL WARM? My hair has been a frizzy mess since June.

  3. Eee, the Joy one does it for me, definitely. I don't do mac but this one is LOVELY.

  4. I really really really want a yellow mac.

    I justify this to myself on the grounds of it being wet and Barbour jacket has been an amazing investment this year with all the rain, but I do feel sticky inside it when it's so warm!

    Great earworm going on from the title too!


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