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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Sluttishly Ethical: Fashion Conscience

Ethical fashion no longer means tie-dyed t-shirt and cheesecloth shirts - unless you're into that, which is fine, but I want my ethical clothes to look smart and stylish and sexy and other words starting with 's'.

That's where Fashion Conscience comes in. Set up by a former fashion journalist, it aims to be a one-stop eco-fashion shop. Browse by category - especially handy if you're after hard-to-find vegan shoes and bags - to discover clothes, shoes and bags that haven't been made by tiny hands or out of hooves.

This fair trade tunic dress comes in cream or black, and has been reduced from £78 to £42.90. Wear it with a cardigan and leather belt for summertime frolics.

I knew Melissa by Vivienne Westwood shoes were vegan, but not that they're part recycled from old shoes. Think of the dowdy plimsolls that were recreated into these dragon wing heels. They're currently £100 and also come in red and gold.

I love the scribbly stripes and floral print on this frock. This one's been reduced too - I've really rooted out the bargains for you - to £39.60. Oh, and it's fair trade so the people who made it were fairly paid. Woo!

We love Nica bags, and this one is no exception. Get it in coral, brown or green and revel in the fact that no cows were killed to make it, yet it still looks like expensive leather. It's £30.40.


  1. I like all of these! I can totally see you in the first dress. Love an ethical bargain, these are ace.

  2. Glad to see Fashion Conscience getting some great coverage - I've bought a few pieces from them. I love the way that you get something unusual that's still on-trend. I blog a bit about them and other ethical labels over at

  3. Thanks so much for the introduction! I love that first dress.....and I'm sure I must be allowed to buy twice as many things if they are ethical!?!

  4. Thank you for this blog post. Such a good representation of our brand collection. Be sure to check our further reductions and new arrivals


  5. Nice to listen about ethical fashion in your blog! We realized it was the path to follow a couple of years ago and since then we keep on:
    Greetings from Spain!

  6. Bit contradictory to suggest wearing the first dress with a leather belt?!


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