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Wednesday 4 July 2012

Top Ten American Recipes for Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, America! Domestic Sluttery might be a UK blog, but when it comes to fabulous food that has us thinking about dinner before we've finished our elevenses, you guys know your onions. We've been inspired by many an American treat, here are out top ten American-style recipes.

The Apple Pie Flip. Independence Day just wouldn't be the same without apple pie. We want to drink it in a cocktail instead of eating it.

Smoky beef burgers. See, this is why America often wins at food.

S'Mores. Can we have s'more please? Oh alright then. Have some mini s'more pies.

Sticky Pork Ribs. When need all of this in our little English faces this evening.

Apple Brown Betty. Catcher in the Rye's Holden might not have eaten his, but you'll definitely want to try this one.

The Betsy Ross. This cocktail was named after the women who sewed the first American flag.

Fried Green Tomatoes. (at the Whistle Stop Cafe).

Blueberry Pancakes. We admit defeat: your pancakes are better than ours.

Cheesy muffins. And so are your muffins for that matter.

Joe Froggers. Created in Massachusetts, these biscuits were popular with fisherman because they keep for ages. Now they're popular with us because they taste nice. They've never lasted very long at all.

Tonight calls for at least six of these recipes and a big fat West Wing boxed set.

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