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Thursday 1 November 2012

Etsy Pick: Super Shaped Soaps from Scent

Let's be honest, everyone: secretly, we don't mind the fact that it's NEVER LIGHT ANY MORE and the cold and rain is so harsh I think my poor autumn-ravaged skin might fall off.

Why? Because of BATHS. Being that I have a reputation for my obsession with them, I for one will be getting a lot of oils, bubbles and lotions for Christmas, but I also always seem to get soap that I never use because it bores me.

Not now: I've found Scent Cosmetics on Etsy. Based in Northern Ireland, they do sculpted soaps in amazing shapes! Now that's a soap idea I can get behind.

Let's start with their fruit: not only do they do furry peaches and juicy kiwis, they have created mouth-watering watermelon slices with soothing almond oil (in fact, most of their soaps have skin-pampering ingredients in them). One big slice is £4.50, and I'm going to pretend it counts towards my 5-a-day.

Then there's the domino soap. Domino soap, I tell thee! I CAN PLAY DOMINOS IN THE BATH. It's £3.25 for a bag of three.

If you like bright colours and/or lego, you'll love the geekery of the building block soaps. There's five in a box for £4, so you might have to invest a bit if you're as serious as I am about bath forts.

Now, this one I'm not sure about. Look at the adorable, detailed little teddy soap they've made. But what happens when you start to use it and his face melts? I'm imagining something worse than the end of Watership Down. At least I can weep into the bath. He's £2.95.

This isn't one for the bath, but it's definitely going somewhere I can show off its twee silliness to visitors. A pretty teacup with soap-covered silk rose petals. All you have to do is wash your hands with a petal and then dispose of the silk bit. It's £12 for the cup and petals, but you can also buy boxes of replacement petals for a fiver.

And now for my favourite. Lightbulb soaps! For days when you've had a really good idea, this is the best kind of reward. They come in a gorgeous little box, and you get six soaps for £12.

Scent have tons of other goodies too, like jigsaw pieces, bird eggs and a pint of shaving soap for the fellas. Their postage is a reasonable £2.70.


  1. A scented soap is wonderful thing. I have bars in my bathroom and shower room and when you walk in you can smell it! And the watermelon scent! Oh wow! Reminds me of summers! The bear is a bit creepy!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lego soap! My life is complete.

  3. Wow.

    Thank you for the feature. I got told about this by a friend late last night and I think we were all running around the room screaming with excitement.

    The best blog I've ever seen written about us to date and so pleased you like some of our stuff.


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