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Thursday 1 November 2012

'Tashes for Movember

As November dawns, men across the country stop shaving their upper lips in the name of raising awareness and funds for testicular and prostate cancers. Even the most clean-shaven men in our lives give up their razors and join their moustachioed peers for 30 days. Of course, the first few weeks can be rocky; much like men, facial hair was not created equally and some have full-on handlebar moustaches while others are still waiting for growth to really get going. In these less-than-hairy first days, lend some support to the men in your life this Movember, open a bottle of wine or beer with this brilliant moustache bottle opener to inspire their efforts (or join them in drowning their sorrows at their pubescent attempts at a mo'). This one is £8.99 at

Facial hair is less celebrated on women than on men, but everyone can enjoy a moustache shaped sandwich! Transform your ordinary cheese and pickle into something to show off with this fab Crustache sandwich cutter from Next. For £7 you can have hours of fun turning your food into moustaches, this would work as a cookie cutter, too.

After cutting 'taches from all your bread, you'll need to keep it fresh. These moustache clips (or mustache if you're American, they do love to drop erroneous 'o's from our words!) are a great way to fasten packets without resorting to clothes pegs (which is what I'm using at the moment). For £6.50 at Heal's, you can have the best groomed leftover pasta around.

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