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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Sluttishly Manicured: The Prettiest Nail Wraps in Town

 Oh, I do love a pretty set of nails. Being bored of my ever-increasing varnish collection, and not patient enough to let someone paint patterns on for me, I have been tempted by nail wraps. One problem: I don't like nail wraps.

Why? Because I've seen too many of the women in my life taking photos in ridiculous poses just because they're trying to get their nails in the picture. Because attempting to apply the buggers eleventy billion times will make me cry. Because they will give me a phobia of washing up/baking/doing ANYTHING AT ALL lest I chip them.

Oh, but then! Then I stumbled across these eye-poppingly gorgeous beauties, and now I have decided nail wraps are for me at any cost to my emotional wellbeing and photograph collection. Nail Rock's encrusted jewel print nail wraps are going to brighten up my bad week, and all for £6.70 at ASOS, plus the slight risk I may walk under a bus because I'm too busy staring at ALL THE SHINY.

My new love doesn't stop there. Now I'm on a roll, I've also found ways to liberate my tired nails elsewhere. How about Umberto Giannini's lacy nail wraps? They're a slightly more subtle way to sexy, and he also does quilted nail wraps that I am very much charmed by. Both are found at Boots for £7.

Myleene Klass has somehow found time in-between all that flouncing around on M&S adverts to design a lovely range of nail wraps. My favourite is the floral design in a very dreamy shade of midnight blue. You get 24 for a very reasonable £5.95 on Amazon.

And then there's the God of Things that Stick to your Nails: RebelNails. They have far too many exciting designs for me to list, (Look! Flamingos!) but after a long process of deliberation (alright, yes, I pretended I was Gary Barlow) I've decided the ones I'm most enamoured by are these of the super-disco variety. Mirror, gold and white chequered nail wraps are oh so very Friday Night for me - they're £7.99.

Lastly, pssst: if you're feeling cheaty but still want to show off not-your-average nails, Nails Inc have found a way. Their graffiti polish is ridiculously easy to use and comes in a variety of shades named after trendy London places. Each one will set you back £11 (at ASOS), but wha'dya expect for London prices, eh?


  1. Can't believe you left off 'Models Own' comic book nail wraps! They are amazing!

  2. Oh I agree, Lua! But lovely Laura B is too brilliant for words and wrote about them already in September:
    They are firmly on my list of faves, too!

  3. I think klass has been demoted to next this year...

  4. I think klass has been demoted to next this year...


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