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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Marcel Wanders' Key Muses

I like wallpapers that aren't entirely obvious from a distance. The ones that make you want to look really closely. Actually, I'm a huge fan of all art like that - that's probably why I'm so fond of Rob Ryan's work, and those awesome We are Dorothy maps. I like little details and surprising touches.

This Key Muses wallpaper by Marcel Wanders is a little like that. It's not totally clear when you look at it that the flocked design little fairies holding up keys (although if it first glance you thought 'fairies carrying keys, duh', then we should hang out).

I nearly added it to last week's Hallowe'en wallpaper feature but I decided that it's more fantastical than it is creepy. The Tinkerbell inspiration works because the rest of the paper is so muted.

It's even (just about) ridding me of my hatred for flock. Dammit, I think in this instance the flocking works. Here it is in situ:

Want to be inspired by Marcel Wanders' Key Muses? You can have a roll of them for £65 from Graham & Brown.

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