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Thursday 8 November 2012

Sneak Peek! Laura Ashley 2013 Homeware

How cute is this cushion?
I'm redecorating! WOO! What is in theory a Domestic Slut's dream come true is actually a nightmare. I suffer from chronic indecision. My hall is currently covered in wallpaper samples and bits of lining paper covered in paint while I quietly rock myself to sleep deciding whether I want blue or red.

Happily, I'm decided on the brand - Laura Ashley. I just need to decide which of their wallpapers I'm actually going to use. So, when I bumped into someone at an event on Monday night and they pointed me in the direction of the SS13 press day, I thought I'd take a look for the good of the site - and also, my sanity.

Here are some of my highlights from the day. Like a colossal twit, I've mislaid my look book which had pricing for most, but I'll update as soon as I track it down. Think of it as a moodboard for next year.
I actually did a squawk when I saw this fantastic kilner jar lamp. Why has nobody thought of doing this before? It took a year to develop apparently, so that all the wires and everything could be hidden away in the lid. You can fill the jar with whatever you like, although the usual suspects like sloe gin might not be a goer.

I'm a massive lamp fan as it is, and this nest of classics and new ideas pleased me mightily. Particularly that jar lamp at the front. Let's have a close up...
Yes, it's a lamp covered in little fish! Very cute, but grown-up enough that you could have it in your sitting room as well as in a child's bedroom. Significantly more grown-up than the light-up goldfish I had on my year abroad at any rate...
I love red almost as much as I love lamp. Lamps. This cushion is a mix of velvet and silk stripes, just like my sofa at home, and it's utterly stunning. The sofa is such a pretty colour, but a bit too shallow for me.
MORE LAMPS! I really love this little nest. What's more, it's making me feel jolly pleased about my forthcoming red hall. Yes! It will be red! I have decided.
You guessed it, I love gilt almost as much as I love red almost as much as I love lamps. This mirror is a stunner, but costs considerably more than the gilt mirror I bought for a tenner from my local charity shop a few years back.
The light wasn't kind to my camera here, but I include this so you can get an idea of what I'm zooming in on in this next shot:
What gorgeous florals these are! And not too grannyish either (I got accused of grannyish floral tendencies on my Sula's Lampshades post. They feel comforting, stylish and classic Laura Ashley.
One last look here - I loved the simplicity of the pattern on this gorgeous bed set (nice bedside table, too) and particularly the frills on the pillowcases and duvet cover. Yet another reason to feel optimistic about spring! But first, let's get through winter.


  1. Oh god - lamps. I love lamps. *sigh*

    1. Lamps are the best things ever. SO why I have a totally wonky, broken standard lamp in my sitting room is beyond me.

  2. Is your hallway not being painted in amazing Canon et Ball colours? But what about Hair of Nan?


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