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Monday 4 February 2013

Etsy Pick: Cat Travel Pillow

"Woohoo! Road trip! Zzzzzzz."

Ten seconds into a car journey and I'm asleep. Every single time. I try and stay awake (number plate games help), but once the heater is on and I'm trundling down a motorway, you can bet that I'm nodding off and waking up an hour later with a bitch of a crook in my neck.

If that's not a reason to buy the cutest travel pillow in the world then I don't know what is. It's a cat! He's got ears and everything. The kitten in DS HQ actually does try and lie across my neck like this, I imagine this will be less... clawy.

There's even a matching cat eye mask! Perfect for long plane journeys (someone please take me on a long plane journey). There's something very Holly Golightly it, isn't there?

Like them? They're from French company Naomi Lingerie. The cat mask is around £17, the travel pillow (complete with tail!) is around £26. Here's to the most brilliant catnaps.

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