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Friday 1 February 2013

Sluttery Travels: Adria, London

West London is full of swanky hotels. They seem to be on every corner. It takes a lot to get me to that part of town (you've seen Made in Chelsea, haven't you?) but Adria looks like it might be a little bit different to most. Built in 1870, the converted townhouse has just 22 rooms and two suites. It's not flashy or showy, it's not stale. Adria fits somewhere snugly between the two.

The rooms are each named after a British tradition - B for Bowler, C for Croquet - each one with mementos and antiques on the same theme. And gorgeous, gorgeous furniture. I want all of those writing desks.

Oh, I do love a four-poster. More than anything else in a hotel room.

This is the morning room. Yep, I could quite happily have breakfast here. No mimosa though - they don't serve booze. Still, this is a nice little gem in a sea of west London hotels. It's around £200 a night so not a super cheap option (no hotels on this side of town ever are), but there's something a special about Adria. It's got a charm about it and I'd love to spend a couple of nights here.

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